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    stardust posted in a guide to sydney : Oct 14 2017, 03:00 PM
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    this board contains our membergroups, a sydney guide and most importantly the rules and it is vital that these are read and followed. you should also keep an eye on this forum during your stay as we will post announcements here that will affect members. if you have any questions regarding the information provided in this forum don’t hesitate to pm one of the admins.

    member services

    charlie posted in ask an admin : Dec 19 2017, 01:35 AM
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    if you want a character or topic deleted, or have an inactive character that you would like to reactivate, then there are relevant topics here that you should post in. this forum is guest friendly so if you have a query and want one of the admins to answer your questions then please post in here. this is also where you can find our mandatory templates.

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    logan blanchard posted in logan blanchard : Jan 18 2018, 11:26 AM
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    this forum holds our application forms and the relevant subforums to post it in. please bear in mind that if you post a work in progress app it must be finished three days after you post it, if you fail to do so your app will be archived. if you wish to have it moved back you can post in the member services forum.


    kieran davis posted in awards : Yesterday at 07:59 pm
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    before role playing anywhere on the board you must come here and complete the face claim and member directory claims. the face claim is also a great place to check before writing your app to ensure your desired face is free. when it comes to claimed faces: first come, first serve. please keep your own member directory post updated, this is a mandatory step!

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    kassi posted in hazel chae : Today at 04:57 pm
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    we currently have a shipper application on mellow, meaning that you don't have to create a separate shipper topic! once your app is accepted, the admins will move it to this forum. please make sure that your shippers are always up to date and check your own shippers regularly!

    wanted ads

    xiomara vasquez posted in ― DOOP : Today at 11:41 am
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    if you want to request a specific character or characters for a plot or you have a plot idea that you want others to join in on then you need to post your ad here. be sure to post in the right forum. bumping is allowed once every seven days. guests are also encouraged to look here for character ideas before signing up, this forum is guest friendly so feel free to poke around!


    james lee posted in playlist: james : Today at 05:07 pm
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    it isn’t mandatory that you create a development but some members find them useful to help flesh out their characters and also create a space to write their ideas and post things for inspiration. you can request your development board in the development board sign up topic!

    but still I can't be seen.


    lucian rhee posted in eclipse : 6 minutes ago
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    social media

    mina kim posted in @minahh : 57 minutes ago
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    for we are young and free

    aussie pride

    james lee posted in event information : Today at 03:23 pm
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    can you tell the difference.


    jenny kwon posted in power & control [tw/m] : Today at 04:27 pm
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    kieren ahn posted in brand new start [m] : Today at 05:18 pm
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    jax chance posted in ★ damsel in distress : Jan 18 2018, 08:51 PM
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    jax chance posted in a girl like you : Today at 07:51 am
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    everywhere else

    floyd winshaw posted in line of fire : Today at 08:03 am
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    or do I sound the same.


    ruari o'donoghue posted in All That I Know : Jan 3 2018, 12:01 AM
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    the world

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    alternate universe

    jenny kwon posted in mirror mirror : Today at 05:36 pm
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    time turner

    freddie bishop posted in rely on [tw] : Today at 09:44 am
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    this is my favourite game.

    out of character

    kieran davis posted in in character quotes : Yesterday at 07:52 pm
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    going away for a longer period of time? mellow's ooc forum is where you can go to post an absence, please remember to post in the right thread using the provided form. if you want to get to know the other members or want to introduce yourself to everyone, this is the place to go!


    bym staff posted in blow your mind : Today at 04:32 am
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    if you are a guest and want to advertise your own forum, this is the place to be! in here you will find two sub forums, one for first links and one for the link backs. if we haven't posted our ad on your site yet, you should post in the first link forum, so we can link back on your site! and if we have posted our ad on your forum, you can post your advertisement in the link back forum!


    lisa cheon posted in lucas, 23 : Jan 15 2018, 10:10 PM
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    if you requested your topic to be archived or if it hasn't been posted in in a long time, this is where those topics will all go. if your character or threads have been archived, but you wish to get them moved back to the right forum, you can request this in the member services forum. if you post in there the admins will get to your request as soon as possible and move everything back to the right forum! this forum can be viewed by members only.